Quartz is a naturally occurring material from all corners of the world. Its extreme hardness and resistance make it suitable for a variety of applications that demand precision and top-quality performance. This type of quartz forms the main component in ColorQuartz and QSS surfaces, allowing them to be non-porous, stain-resistant, and maintenance-free.

Creative Patterns

ColorQuartz and QSS Private Label brands offer a lineup of surfaces filled with fascinating patterns created by adding recycled materials such as glass, mirrors, and crystals to marble-like movements and textures achieved by using the latest in quartz technologies. With over 60 colors to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

Stylish and Classic

We offer a broad array of beautiful and versatile colors. Specifically, our full series of CQ & QSS colors range from warm inviting tones inspired by nature, to bold distinctive colors that will bring energy to any room. We carefully formulate each color to achieve the right consistency, depth, and richness, bringing creative designs to life.

Safety and Perfection

Hygiene is one of the most important characteristics of our QSS product. Consequently, our advanced technology engineers surface by compressing and compacting them under intense vibration and heat pressure, creating a hard, non-porous surface. This makes our surfaces non-absorbent, highly resistant to stains, and very easy to clean. Due to the non-porous nature of the material, there is nowhere for molds and mildew to contaminate. This is a disadvantage with other types of surfaces, such as granite and marble. ColorQuartz, on the other hand, is naturally antibacterial allowing for easy cleanup—just add soap and water.


ColorQuartz and QSS Private Label surfaces are strong and durable, perfectly made to resist breakage and to provide endurance against stain and scratch. The high endurance and durability properties of our quartz will protect the original beauty of your surfaces for years.

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

QSS (Quartz Surfacing & Stones recognizes), as do many of our customers, the importance of recycling material at the end of its useful life. At Quartz Surfacing & Stones Factory and Suppliers, we ensure to collect and reuse all production waste, including raw materials and plastics. We recycle and recover 100% of the water used in polishing and collect excess dust in the factory using advanced filtering systems as part of our commitment to sustainability. Furthermore, many colors in our collections are composed of up to 30% recycled glass, mirrors, and crushed quartz waste.


From input to output, each stage of the production process is rigorously scrutinized from a health, safety, and environmental perspective. We are proud to be the first quartz manufacturing company to be triple-accredited, having received the American Greenguard, Kosher, SGS, DCOF Slip Rating, USGBC Membership, AIA CEU Membership, and NKBA Membership that recognizes ColorQuartz’s and QSS (Quartz Surfacing & Stones) competence in environmental management and performance.

National Sanitation Foundation

NSF International gave us our certificated for complying with the safety and sanitation requirements that are expected when using our product.

U.S. Green Building Council

U.S. Green Building Council presented us with our LEED Certificate and made us a member as of September 23, 2020.

Standard Global Services

The Standard Global Service approved our SGS Test result and approved the fact that we didn’t exceed the limits on specific chemicals.

Underwriters Laboratories LLC

UL presented us with our Greenguard Certificate for our compliance in our low chemical emissions on our material. They have also give us our Greenguard Gold Certificate for lowering or chemical emissions even more therefor the air is cleaner.

Kosher Certification Agency

Kosher Certification Agency presented us with our certificate after verifying that each processing aid used in production is kosher approved.

Slip Doctors

Slip Doctors tested our material and presented us with our DCOF Certificate approving our material as non- slip and not dangerous when wet.

America Instituted of Architects

We are a member of the AIA, and we can help architects take a Basic 101 course in the Continuing Education Program.

National Kitchen & Bath Association

We are a member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association.

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

We also try to be planet friendly by recycling our own material and adding recycled glass.