Uni Ice

  • Porcelain Tile
  • Usable on the floor
  • Wall use
  • Water absorption < 0.5%
  • Inkjet Technology
  • 1mm joint range
  • Variable face number V2

About Uni Ice

Uni Ice porcelain slab is an exquisite addition to elevate your interior design with its timeless elegance and unparalleled quality. Crafted with utmost precision and attention to detail, this porcelain slab embodies sophistication and refinement. It is the perfect choice for those seeking a luxurious touch in their living spaces.

The Uni Ice flaunts a flawless, meticulously polished surface, delivering opulent sleekness and smooth texture to elevate your space. Defined by its pristine white hue, reminiscent of pure snow, it seamlessly complements any color scheme or design aesthetic.

This premium porcelain slab is not only visually stunning but also highly durable, ensuring longevity and resilience. Its exceptional strength and resistance to scratches, stains, and heat make it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications. Whether used as a kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity, or even a statement wall, Uni Ice porcelain slab guarantees a lasting beauty that withstands the test of time.

With its generous dimensions and customizable options, Uni Ice porcelain slab offers versatility in design possibilities. Its large format allows for seamless installations, minimizing grout lines and creating a visually cohesive space. Whether you prefer a sleek and contemporary look or a more traditional and timeless design, this slab effortlessly adapts to your vision.

Invest in the Uni Ice porcelain slab and experience the epitome of luxury and sophistication. Elevate your space with its exquisite beauty, unmatched durability, and timeless appeal. Discover the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, and let this slab redefine the concept of elegance in your living environment.

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