Pietra Grey


About Pietra Grey

Pietra Grey Outdoor Quartz is engineered quartz that mimics natural stone. It usually has chalky white veins running through a smooth slate-gray base, giving the design an earthy undertone.

Pietra Grey Outdoor Quartz integrates the elegance of genuine marble with the useful advantages of engineered stone. This quartz slab is appropriate for a range of outdoor uses. It’s perfect for outdoor cooking areas because of its strength and stain- and scratch-resistant qualities. The slabs have the ability to last. It can cover external walls with a beautiful, shielding coating.

Pietra Grey Outdoor Quartz Slabs are ideal for high-traffic areas in both residential and commercial settings because of their remarkable resistance to wear and tear. Pietra Grey marble’s distinctive veining and patterns give areas depth and visual interest, improving their overall aesthetic appeal. Because of its natural stain resistance, this marble requires less maintenance than other varieties. The marble’s neutral color scheme makes it suitable for a variety of designs, from traditional classic settings to modern minimalist interiors.

Pietra Grey Outdoor Quartz is a great option if you want to add some class to your outdoor area. The material gives any space, whether it’s for a kitchen, patio, or poolside, an air of luxury. Consider our online selection or stop by our showroom to experience Pietra Grey Outdoor Quartz’s distinct character. See for yourself the soft white veining and deep slate gray tones that lend classy appeal to any outdoor environment. Make the initial move toward designing a luxurious and charming outdoor area. Get in touch with us to start creating your ideal interior design.