Onyx Smoke

  • Porcelain Tile
  • Usable on the floor
  • Wall use
  • Water absorption < 0.5%
  • Inkjet Technology
  • 1mm joint range
  • Variable face number V2

Onyx Smoke porcelain tile boasts a stunning combination of timeless beauty and durability. Its sleek, polished surface exudes a refined charm, while its neutral gray color palette adds a touch of modernity to any interior or exterior setting. This tile’s subtle veining patterns mimic the natural allure of onyx, creating a captivating visual appeal that is sure to captivate onlookers.

Not only does the Onyx Smoke tile exude a sense of luxury, but it also offers exceptional functionality. Made from high-quality porcelain, it is resistant to stains, scratches, and moisture, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting performance, allowing you to enjoy its beauty for years to come.

With its versatile nature, the Onyx Smoke porcelain tile seamlessly complements a wide range of design styles, from contemporary to traditional. Whether used as flooring, wall cladding, or even as a striking backsplash, this tile effortlessly enhances the aesthetic appeal of any space, creating a truly remarkable atmosphere.

Invest in the timeless elegance and durability of the Onyx Smoke porcelain tile, and transform your space into a haven of sophistication. Elevate your interior design with this exquisite masterpiece, and experience the epitome of luxury and style.