Mossy Gold


About Mossy Gold

Introducing the discontinued color, Mossy Gold. This quartz slab is popular for its aesthetic appeal and is available at exclusive prices. The quartz surface also has a warm golden tone with delicate veining and speckles. These patterns could also mimic actual stone, giving it a luxurious and perfect appearance. This quartz also has a polished surface that adds to its shine and richness.

The main benefits of Mossy Gold are that it is extremely scratch and chip-resistant due to its hardness. Its non-porous structure makes it resistant to stains from spills and typical household contaminants. This quartz slab can also handle moderate heat; however, it is best to add trivets or heat pads to prevent thermal shock. The non-porous surface requires only frequent cleaning with mild soap and water. Being non-porous, it does not harbor bacteria or mold, making it a sanitary alternative.

Unlike other quartz slabs, Mossy Gold can be used in various applications, like kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and wall cladding. Its aesthetics make it ideal for backsplashes and decorative wall cladding. These slabs are also available in a variety of widths and thicknesses to meet varied design needs. The quartz can also be made with various edge profiles, such as beveled, bullnose, or ogee, to provide the required appearance.

Discover the ideal balance of style and reliability for your countertops. This quartz slab combines the beauty of natural stone with the resistance and low maintenance of engineered quartz, making it an attractive option for a variety of interior design projects. Mossy Gold brings a timeless appeal to your house. Don’t miss out on our special deal. Order now and improve your space! Contact us today to learn more!