Calacatta Vagli Gold


About Calacatta Vagli Gold

Calacatta Vagli Gold is a premium variety known for its striking veining patterns and luxurious appearance. It typically features a white or light beige background with bold gold and grey veining adding depth and elegance to any space.

This collection exudes luxury and sophistication with its use of high-quality quartz and likely polished finish. Each piece is designed to enhance the ambiance of its surroundings, creating an opulent atmosphere. The veining in Calacatta Vagli Gold quartz is often characterized by its dramatic and irregular patterns, which can resemble flowing rivers, lightning bolts, or abstract shapes. This natural variation adds to the quartz’s allure and individuality.

Calacatta Vagli Gold features elegant design elements that highlight the natural beauty of the quartz. This may include sleek lines, minimalist shapes, and attention to detail to ensure a cohesive and refined aesthetic.

This quartz is commonly used in interior design applications, including countertops, flooring, wall cladding, and decorative accents. Its luxurious appearance makes it a popular choice for upscale residential and commercial projects.

The Calacatta Vagli Gold Lucciare’s Genesis Collection likely pays meticulous attention to detail in both design and craftsmanship, ensuring that each piece meets the highest standards of quality and aesthetic appeal. Like all natural stone materials, Calacatta Vagli Gold requires regular maintenance to preserve its beauty and longevity. It should be sealed to protect against stains and etching, and cleaning should be done using mild, pH-neutral cleaners to avoid damaging the surface. This collection is tailored for those with discerning tastes who seek to infuse their living spaces with the timeless beauty and sophistication of Calacatta Vagli Gold marble.