Pure White

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  • 3cm 10 slabs
  • 2cm 12 slabs
  • Matte is made to order

About Pure White

Pure white Quartz Slab is a huge, solid slab of quartz stone that is mostly white with very few impurities.

With little to no veining or other obvious patterns, this Pure White Quartz Slab is mostly white. They look sleek and contemporary because of this homogeneous color. Generally, the entire surface displays uniformity in terms of color and texture. Because of their uniformity, they’re perfect for creating a seamless appearance in applications like wall cladding and counters.

Liquids cannot pass through pure white quartz slabs because they are non-porous. They are also easier to clean and maintain because of their stain resistance. When it comes to color and texture, pure white quartz slabs are uniform, unlike real stone materials like marble or granite, which might have variations in look from slab to slab. Because of this consistency, design efforts can have predictable outcomes.

The use of Pure White quartz slab countertops in kitchen and bathroom makeovers is growing in popularity. White quartz countertops seem gorgeous, but they require very little upkeep. To keep them looking fantastic, all you need to do is give them a routine cleaning with a mild dish soap, all-purpose cleaner, or moist cloth.

Pure white quartz slabs require little upkeep since they are non-porous and resistant to stains and scratches. This slab resists the formation of bacteria and mold since they are non-porous, which makes them a sanitary option for usage in bathrooms and kitchens.

Pure White quartz slabs are a popular option for contemporary design projects because they blend utility and modern appeals.