Frost White

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  • 3cm 10 slabs
  • 2cm 12 slabs
  • Matte is made to order

About Frost White

Frost White Quartz is an outstanding slab that combines pebble-shaped patterns and sparkling solid white stone in an amazing way. It effortlessly improves any kitchen and exudes competence because to its meticulous design.

Frost White slabs are a popular option for many uses in both residential and commercial environments. It is non-porous surface makes it incredibly stain-resistant, guaranteeing its cleanliness and beauty for a long time.

With its neutral color and modern style, it can serve as a clean canvas for a variety of design possibilities or as a standout feature in your design. Available in different slab sizes and prefabricated options, it offers flexibility in installation to suit various project needs.

Frost White Quartz Slab, which was created with both beauty and high quality in mind, is an absolute testimony to its strong character. It is the perfect option for busy kitchens that require resilience without losing elegance because of its carefree composition, which guarantees long-lasting performance.

With ease, the Frost White Quartz Slab exudes a unique elegance that is sure to make an impact. Its glistening surface creates an air of pure beauty by captivatingly reflecting light. This adaptable slab fits perfectly in a range of kitchen layouts, whether you’re going for a modern or traditional look. It easily adjusts to any design plan.

Discover the eternal beauty of the Frost White Quartz Slab in your kitchen by investing in it today. Explore the perfect balance of durability and sophistication that this remarkable quartz offers, converting your kitchen into a luxurious refuge.

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