Bianco Carrara

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  • 3cm 10 slabs
  • 2cm 12 slabs
  • Matte is made to order

About Bianco Carrara

The Bianco Carrara Quartz Slab recalls the look of the classic Carrara marble, with a polished surface and famous beauty. Its stark white base with subtle gray veining produces a stunning and flexible visual appeal.

This adds a fashionable surface to any kitchen or bathroom. Ideal for those who enjoy using marble in their interior design. These slabs are considered low-emitting commodities because they are made of recycled materials. Bianco Carrara quartz culling maintains fashion and encourages sustainability. This quartz is ideal for a variety of applications, including mantel circumventions, countertops, backsplashes, shower walls, and flooring.

The natural quartz known as Bianco Carrara is among the hardest raw materials. In addition to being waterproof and stain-resistant, this also implies that the counters will be resistant to heat and scratches. Comparing this to other non-quartz worktops, the lifetime is higher.

The material is very resistant to chips and scratches which creates the countertops more hygienic than other types slabs. Furthermore, quartz is stain-resistant, which again prevents the bacteria from spreading.

Bianco Carrara Quartz may be the ideal choice if you’re searching for a worktop for your kitchen or bathroom that is simple to maintain and clean! It is really simple to clean; all you need is a gentle microfiber cloth and some warm water diluted with dish soap to remove any spills off its surface.

Additionally, it can use for both residential and commercial settings. The Bianco Carrara Quartz blends very nicely with all cabinet and wall colors, making it a great choice for both bathrooms, kitchen countertops and to any home interior spaces.