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  • Bella Lincoln Quartz Slab

    Bella Lincoln

    Bella Lincoln Quartz slab has a smooth, misty gray backdrop with thin, noticeable veins that impart a subtle, unique beauty.

  • LU007 Calacatta Antique Quartz Slab

    Calacatta Antique

    Calacatta Antique quartz slab with a white base and gray veining with thin light gold veining, giving a pop of warmth and elegance.

  • LU005 Calacatta Gold Quartz

    Calacatta Gold Quartz

    Calacatta Gold quartz surface combines a white base with gray veining and fine bronzy gold details, versatile for any style.

  • Calacatta Paonazzo Quartz Slab

    Calacatta Paonazzo

    Calacatta Paonazzo Quartz slab displays a striking rich black veining accented with subtle traces of pale golden veining.

  • LU001 Mondria Kumair Quartz Slab

    Mondria Kumair

    Mondria Kumair quartz slab with a white base and black, grey and white veining throughout the slab, it is super detailed and bold, perfect for any design.

  • LU009 Mystery White Quartz Slab

    Mystery White

    Mystery White quartz slab has a white base with grey veining, hinting at blue, ideal for blue-themed projects or unique designs.

  • QSS600 Pietra Grey Quartz Slab

    Pietra Grey

    Pietra Grey quartz slab with a charcoal gray base and thin white veining, it is unique and has a natural touch/leathery feel.

  • LU002 Rhinoceros White Quartz Slab

    Rhinoceros White

    Rhinoceros White quartz slab, with a white base and light gray, rose gold veining, offers elegance and detailed versatility for various designs.

  • Rolux Gold Quartz Slab

    Rolux Gold

    Rolux Gold Quartz slab has a brilliant white surface with delicate gold and vibrant veining, making it a great option for modern interiors.

  • LU003 Sere Pylos Quartz Slab

    Sere’ Pylos

    Sere' Pylos quartz slab: light grey base, thin charcoal grey veining, modern look with unique natural touch/leathery feel.

  • LU006 Sky Falls Quartz Slab

    Sky Falls

    Sky Falls quartz slab with a white base and big bold black veins, with exotic movements making it a perfect show stopper.

  • LU008 Statuario Dior Quartz Slab

    Statuario Dior

    Statuario Dior quartz slab, white base with thin and bold grey veins, combines unique detailing and elegance in a sophisticated design.

  • Statuario Elegant Quartz Slab

    Statuario Elegant

    Statuario Elegant quartz slab features a striking white backdrop with prominent grey veining, giving it a classy and dramatic look.

  • Statuario Vigaria Quartz Slab

    Statuario Vigaria

    Statuario Vigaria quartz slab features a white base with bold yet elegant grey veining, ideal for various design projects.

  • Ultra White Quartz Slab

    Ultra White

    Ultra White quartz slab displays a smooth, clean, and uniform appearance because of its pure white tint and minimal veining.

About Lucciare

Lucciare, proudly crafting quartz slabs in Italy, showcases a dedication to quality and elegance. Lucciare blends quartz, one of Earth's hardest minerals, with high-quality resins. This creates non-porous, stain-resistant, and incredibly durable surfaces perfect for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and other high-use areas.

These quartz slabs stand out for their aesthetic appeal. Lucciare offers slabs in a wide range of colors and patterns. These slabs can mimic the look of natural stone, such as marble or granite, but with the benefits of engineered materials. The surfaces are polished to a high sheen, providing a luxurious and sophisticated look that can elevate any space.

Beyond their beauty, Lucciare's quartz slabs offer practicality and ease of maintenance. Their non-porous nature means they don't require sealing like natural stone and are resistant to stains from coffee, wine, and other common household substances. This combination of beauty, low maintenance, and durability makes Lucciare's quartz slabs a favored choice among homeowners and designers who seek a stunning, easy-to-care-for surface that withstands daily use.