Grey Colors

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  • CQ700 Concrete Grey Quartz Slab

    Concrete Grey

    Concrete Grey quartz slab in an ever-cool concrete grey color, the strong cool classic beauty of concrete in the strength of modern quartz engineering.

  • CQ852 Cool Concrete Quartz Slab

    Cool Concrete-H

    Cool Concrete quartz slab in the cool hues of grey concrete with subtle marbling, giving the ruggedness of concrete and the elegance of marble perfectly.

  • CQ928 Moon Rock Quartz Slab

    Moon Rock

    Moon Rock quartz slab has a deep rich mix of greys, with gentle and jagged swirls of mixed greys creating a bold yet subtle strong sense of presence.

  • CQ806 Pewter Quartz Slab


    Pewter is a quartz slab in a deep, dark, warm, and complex grey, with an ever so slightly shifting hue throughout giving it a subtly rich and robust presence.

  • CQ766 Sake Quartz Slab


    Sake quartz slab with deep, dark, warm, and complex browns with hues of grey, giving it a simple but bold look, perfect for the most sophisticated designs.

  • CQ815 Storm Quartz Slab


    Storm is a quartz slab with a subtly complex base in hues of grey with feint marbling throughout, for a cool, sleek, and modern look.

About Grey Colors

Introducing grey quartz slabs: an exquisite collection featuring cool grey shades in diverse styles and hues for versatile design options. Designed to enhance any space, this quartz slab offers a clean, cool, sleek, and modern appearance.

Crafted with utmost precision and attention to detail, our grey color quartz slab offers a visually stunning aesthetic. It also provides exceptional durability. Each shade is carefully selected to ensure long-lasting beauty, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial settings.

This quartz slab complements any interior design, whether you desire a minimalist, contemporary ambiance or a chic, industrial vibe. With its versatile nature, this collection allows you to create a space that exudes timeless elegance and sophistication.

Experience the allure of grey color quartz slab as it transform your living spaces into a sanctuary of style and tranquility. Choose from our wide array of styles and hues to find the perfect shade that resonates with your taste and vision.

Elevate your surroundings with grey color slab and embrace the harmonious blend of coolness and warmth that this collection brings. Discover the endless possibilities of creating a truly remarkable space with our premium grey shades.