Quartz Slab

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  • CQ966 Monte Nero Quartz Slab

    Monte Nero

    New Monte Nero is a quartz slab with a deep black base and thin white veining, a bold look with a subtle character for a look and style with a strong presence.

  • CQ928 Moon Rock Quartz Slab

    Moon Rock

    Moon Rock quartz slab has a deep rich mix of greys, with gentle and jagged swirls of mixed greys creating a bold yet subtle strong sense of presence.

  • LU009 Mystery White Quartz Slab

    Mystery White

    Mystery White quartz slab has a white base with grey veining, hinting at blue, ideal for blue-themed projects or unique designs.

  • QSS900 Nero Classic Quartz Slab

    Nero Classic

    Nero Classic quartz slab boasts a deep black base, enriched with subtle black variations for added depth and elegant sophistication.

  • QSS991 New Bianco Alaska Quartz Slab

    New Bianco Alaska

    New Bianco Alaska quartz slab display a full, crisp white hue on its surfaces, making your space look stunning, clean, and minimalist.

  • QSS901 New Extra White Quartz Slab

    New Extra White

    Extra White quartz slab offers pure white elegance for modern and minimalist designs, achieving a clean, sophisticated look.

  • QSS7111 Olympia Quartz Slab


    Olympia quartz slab intricate a bright white marble pattern and dynamic veins over their surfaces, making your space stand out.

  • Bundle Omni White Quartz Slab

    Omni White

    Omni White quartz slab has minimal veining and a clean appearance that describes the color or design pattern of the quartz surface.

  • Opus White Quartz Slab

    Opus White

    Opus White quartz slab is a white quartz composite with fine grains that is known for its strength, creating a stylish pattern.

  • CQ707 Paloma White Quartz Slab

    Paloma White

    Paloma White is a quartz slab with a white base and light but consistent speckling of mineral chips in very light hues of brown, for an overall soft white feel.

  • Pandora Quartz Slab


    Pandora quartz slab has a dazzling alabaster white base with attractive gray veins. The veins add depth and visual mystery to any counter.

  • CQ701 Pearl Quartz Slab


    Pearl is a quartz slab with a white base and a hint of consistent mineral chips in light brown hues. giving an overall pearl-like color, good for a light theme.

  • CQ806 Pewter Quartz Slab


    Pewter is a quartz slab in a deep, dark, warm, and complex grey, with an ever so slightly shifting hue throughout giving it a subtly rich and robust presence.

  • QSS600 Pietra Grey Quartz Slab

    Pietra Grey

    Pietra Grey quartz slab with a charcoal gray base and thin white veining, it is unique and has a natural touch/leathery feel.

  • Pietra Grey Quartz Slab

    Pietra Grey

    Pietra Grey quartz slab has a chic grey backdrop. It has subtle white veining and a leather texture, giving it a classic yet modern appeal.

Quartz Slab

About Quartz Slab

Quartz slab is a highly durable quartz surface and aesthetically pleasing mineral with unique qualities that make it useful in different applications. It ranks 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, indicating that it is extremely resistant to scratches and damage. Quartz is not only abundant, but it also comes in a variety of colors and patterns, which make it suitable for creative design purposes. Its nonabsorbent structure means that it does not harbor bacteria, resulting in a hygienic surface excellent for kitchens and baths.

Featuring several advantages, the quartz slab is easy to maintain. Unlike other natural stones, it does not require sealing and is stain-resistant, making it excellent for high-traffic areas. Quartz's strength allows it to last longer than other materials, offering high long-term value. Also, the selection of colors and patterns ensures customization in home design, providing a great complement to any decor style.

The quartz slab is useful for multiple scenarios, including both home and business areas. The material's strength and easy maintenance make it ideal for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, flooring, and wall cladding. It's also a fantastic choice for commercial environments with significant circulation, such as reception areas, conference rooms, and restaurants. Everyone, from homes to business owners, can benefit from quartz surfaces' functionality and elegance.

Perfect for kitchens, baths, and other applications, Quartz slab is easy to maintain with a simple cleaning routine, keeping it looking pristine year after year. Please consult with our sales team for additional information about our products and purchase options.