Quartz Slab

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  • CQ839 Café Au Lait

    Café Au Lait

    Cafe Au Lait is a quartz surface with a beautifully milky brown base color and subtle but still distinct light veining, still a modern look but in a unique color.

  • LU007 Calacatta Antique Quartz Slab

    Calacatta Antique

    Calacatta Antique quartz slab with a white base and gray veining with thin light gold veining, giving a pop of warmth and elegance.

  • CQ992 Calacatta

    Calacatta Aurous

    Calacatta Aurous is a quartz surface in the timeless classic style of Calacatta, a cool white base with vivid gold and subtle grey veining intermixed elegantly.

  • Calacatta Extra Quartz Slab

    Calacatta Extra

    Bulgari Blue quartz slab has a unique shade of blue, possibly inspired by precious gemstones like sapphires or aquamarines.

  • LU005 Calacatta Gold Quartz

    Calacatta Gold Quartz

    Calacatta Gold quartz surface combines a white base with gray veining and fine bronzy gold details, versatile for any style.

  • Calacatta Macchia Vecchia Quartz Slab

    Calacatta Macchia Vecchia

    Calacatta Macchia Vecchia quartz slab is a bright color of veins. It has wide, rising dark brown veins that give a majestic effect.

  • QSS003 Calacatta Veda Quartz Slab

    Calacatta Noir

    Calacatta Noir quartz slab with a white base and bold black veining and thin black veining surrounding it, giving it an elegant but exotic look.

  • CQ981 Calacatta Novus Quartz Slab

    Calacatta Novus

    Calacatta Novus is a quartz surface in the timeless classic style of Calacatta, with a cool white base, vivid cream greige veins, for a mix of warm and cool tones.

  • Calacatta Oro Quartz Slab

    Calacatta Oro

    Calacatta Oro quartz slab has a brilliant white backdrop and prominent veining in grey and gold tones, looking like Italian quartz.

  • Calacatta Paonazzo Quartz Slab

    Calacatta Paonazzo

    Calacatta Paonazzo Quartz slab displays a striking rich black veining accented with subtle traces of pale golden veining.

  • CQ987 Calacatta Stratus Quartz Slab

    Calacatta Stratus

    Calacatta Stratus is a quartz slab in the timeless classic style of Calacatta, with a cool white base and vividly warm brown veining, a balanced mix of colors

  • CQ995 Calacatta Supreme Quartz Slab

    Calacatta Supreme

    The Calacatta Supreme is a cool white base with a subtly distinct interplay of light grey veining in the ever-elegant Calacatta Style perfect for any design.

  • QSS5195 Calacatta Unique Quartz Slab

    Calacatta Unique

    Calacatta Unique quartz slab features varied grey veining on a soft white background, offering a realistic marble look and quartz durability.

  • CQ997 Calacatta Vera Quartz Slab

    Calacatta Vera

    Calacatta Vera quartz slab in the timeless classic style of Calacatta, with a complex white base, a mix of striking grey veins, and subtle grey veining.

  • CQ703 Capri Quartz Slab


    Capri quartz slab in light olive brown color with hints of speckling, perfect for any kitchen, bathroom, or bar, is good for a variety of applications.

Quartz Slab

About Quartz Slab

Quartz slab is a highly durable quartz surface and aesthetically pleasing mineral with unique qualities that make it useful in different applications. It ranks 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, indicating that it is extremely resistant to scratches and damage. Quartz is not only abundant, but it also comes in a variety of colors and patterns, which make it suitable for creative design purposes. Its nonabsorbent structure means that it does not harbor bacteria, resulting in a hygienic surface excellent for kitchens and baths.

Featuring several advantages, the quartz slab is easy to maintain. Unlike other natural stones, it does not require sealing and is stain-resistant, making it excellent for high-traffic areas. Quartz's strength allows it to last longer than other materials, offering high long-term value. Also, the selection of colors and patterns ensures customization in home design, providing a great complement to any decor style.

The quartz slab is useful for multiple scenarios, including both home and business areas. The material's strength and easy maintenance make it ideal for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, flooring, and wall cladding. It's also a fantastic choice for commercial environments with significant circulation, such as reception areas, conference rooms, and restaurants. Everyone, from homes to business owners, can benefit from quartz surfaces' functionality and elegance.

Perfect for kitchens, baths, and other applications, Quartz slab is easy to maintain with a simple cleaning routine, keeping it looking pristine year after year. Please consult with our sales team for additional information about our products and purchase options.