Quartz Slab

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  • CQ690 Arctic Shimmer Quartz Slab

    Arctic Shimmer

    Arctic Shimmer quartz slab embodies the glistening Arctic landscape, with a cool white base, subtle grey tones, shimmering sparkles, and undertones of grey.

  • QSS852 Bianco Carrara Quartz Slab

    Bianco Carrara

    Bianco Carrara quartz slab with a white base and consistent but subtle marbling throughout for a timeless look for a classic and modern look.

  • CQ853 Bianco Cristall Quartz slab

    Bianco Cristall

    The Bianco Cristall is a quartz slab in the Bianco Carrara in a style, a complex white base with elegantly vivid Carrara marbling and subtle Calacatta veining.

  • CQ866 Bianco Gioia

    Bianco Gioia

    Bianco Gioia quartz surface blends classical and modern styles for timeless beauty, featuring a cool white base with subtle marbling, ideal for any design.

  • CQ993 Bianco Luna Quartz Slab

    Bianco Luna

    The Bianco Luna is a quartz slab in the Bianco Carrara in a style, a complex white base with elegantly vivid Carrara marbling and subtle Calacatta veining.

  • QSS858 Bianco River

    Bianco River

    Bianco River is a quartz surface with a clean white base and dark marbling throughout, for a subtle but still unique classic marble style.

  • QSS170 Blanco Crystol Quartz Slab

    Blanco Crystol

    Blanco Crystol quartz slab with a white base and thin elegant charcoal black veining, making it a perfect match for any project.

  • QSS171 Blanco

    Blanco Gold

    Blanco Gold quartz surface showcases a white base with thin, elegant gold veining, providing a subtle yet bold, luxurious color pop.

  • CQ802 Bronze Quartz Slab


    Bronze quartz slab, a deep vivid brown with subtle hues of brown throughout, creating a subtly rich character perfect for rustic themes, warm, and earth tones.

  • CQ839 Café Au Lait

    Café Au Lait

    Cafe Au Lait is a quartz surface with a beautifully milky brown base color and subtle but still distinct light veining, still a modern look but in a unique color.

  • LU007 Calacatta Antique Quartz Slab

    Calacatta Antique

    Calacatta Antique quartz slab with a white base and gray veining with thin light gold veining, giving a pop of warmth and elegance.

  • CQ992 Calacatta

    Calacatta Aurous

    Calacatta Aurous is a quartz surface in the timeless classic style of Calacatta, a cool white base with vivid gold and subtle grey veining intermixed elegantly.

  • LU005 Calacatta Gold

    Calacatta Gold

    Calacatta Gold quartz surface combines a white base with gray veining and fine bronzy gold details, versatile for any style.

  • QSS003 Calacatta Veda Quartz Slab

    Calacatta Noir

    Calacatta Noir quartz slab with a white base and bold black veining and thin black veining surrounding it, giving it an elegant but exotic look.

  • CQ981 Calacatta Novus Quartz Slab

    Calacatta Novus

    Calacatta Novus is a quartz surface in the timeless classic style of Calacatta, with a cool white base, vivid cream greige veins, for a mix of warm and cool tones.

Quartz Slab

About Quartz Slab

Quartz slab, a popular material in modern construction and interior design, offers a blend of beauty, durability, and versatility. It appeals to homeowners, architects, and designers alike. This slab, composed mainly of quartz crystals, resin, and pigments, possesses unique advantages that distinguish it from surfacing materials.

One of the most compelling features of a quartz slab is its attractive appearance. Available in many colors, patterns, and finishes, quartz can easily match any design style, from modern to traditional. Whether it's mimicking the veins of marble or offering solid colors, quartz provides endless options for creating beautiful surfaces.

In addition to its visual appeal, the quartz slab is very durable. Manufactured through a careful process, quartz surfaces resist scratches, stains, and impact damage, making them perfect for busy areas like kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities. Unlike natural stone, quartz requires little maintenance since it doesn't need sealing or special treatments.

Moreover, the quartz slab is hygienic and easy to clean, making it ideal for places where cleanliness is important. Because it's non-porous, quartz surfaces don't allow bacteria, mold, or mildew to grow, promoting a healthier environment and making cleaning simple with mild soap and water.

Quartz surface is also versatile, and suitable for use in commercial and institutional settings. From hotel lobbies to office reception desks, quartz surfaces offer both functionality and style, enhancing the look and durability of interior spaces while standing up to daily wear and tear.