Outdoor Tile

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  • Andes Slate Porcelain Tile

    Andes Slate

    Andes Slate porcelain tile are a popular flooring and wall covering option known for their durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal.

  • Auma Porcelain Tile


    Auma porcelain tile paver series with an authentic look and feel of natural wood in two color options, light brown with slight grey and medium dark brown.

  • Bluestone Grey Porcelain Tile

    Bluestone Grey

    Bluestone Grey porcelain tile paver with a simple yet deep character, a grey background with stones crashing through for a distinctly sturdy pattern.

  • Calacatta Pearl Porcelain Tile

    Calacatta Pearl

    Calacatta Pearl porcelain tile paver with the timeless classic style of Calacatta, a vibrant white background with grey veining for a cool modern style.

  • Canada Vintage Brown Porcelain Tile

    Canada Vintage Brown

    Canada Vintage Brown porcelain tile paver is a beautiful natural coca brown perfect for rustic themes, natural earth tone styles, and every mix therein.

  • Clay Porcelain Tile


    Clay porcelain surface comes in a variety of color options ranging from dark smoky anthracite to a light smoky white, perfect for any natural style.

  • Crossover Porcelain Tile


    Crossover porcelain tile paver series offers colors from smoky black anthracite to light smoky white with marbelized veining for a full look.

  • Earth Porcelain Tile


    Earth porcelain tile features two colors of a volcanic sand-like pattern, dark smoky anthracite and grey clay color perfect for any bold style.

  • Epiro Porcelain Tile


    Epiro porcelain tile paver that comes in two shades of grey smoky dark and light grey both have a distinctly bold pattern with a strong and bold presence.

  • Full Bullnose Clay Porcelain Tile

    Full Bullnose Clay

    Full Bullnose Clay porcelain tile is perfect for soft edge design and pools, it comes in a variety of colors with a strong yet subtle finished clay pattern.

  • IPE Decking Oak Porcelain Tile

    Ipe Decking Oak

    Ipe Decking Oak porcelain tile offers the authentic look of wood decking with the maintenance-free ease of porcelain, perfect for classic and rustic use.

  • Pietrosa Marble Porcelain Tile

    Pietrosa Marble

    Pietrosa Marble porcelain tile paver with a light color tone and sturdy yet comfortable vibe of a river bed, a calm yet subtle presence a safe paver option.

  • Pietrosa Sand Porcelain Tile

    Pietrosa Sand

    Pietrosa Sand porcelain tile paver with a terrazzo-like style, a bright tone perfect for a landscape that needs some lighter touches, and a simple design.

  • Sudbury Porcelain Tile


    Sudbury porcelain tile features two beautifully bold smoky cool rough textured styles of grey paver a must-have for any bold styles and designs.