Vetrite Sight

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  • HANOI 01 Glass Panels

    Hanoi 01

    Hanoi 01 glass panels have a metallic abstract pattern, merging grey, pink, purple, and white hues, resembling a kaleidoscope view.

  • Hanoi 02 Glass Panels

    Hanoi 02

    Hanoi 02 glass panels feature grey and blue hues in an original pattern, creating stunning and visually intriguing designs for spaces.

  • Hanoi 02 B&W Glass Panels

    Hanoi 02 B&W

    Hanoi 02 B&W glass panels feature modern greys and blacks, crafting a unique palette with an extraordinary design for a touch of modern rarity.

About Vetrite Sight

Sicis Vetrite Sight meticulously crafts an architectural masterpiece through Studio Marco Piva's creative genius. This creation blends lightness and elegance, creating a captivating graphic rhythm with its exquisite design.

Vetrite Sight unveils a revolutionary system of slabs meticulously from a fusion of glass and polymers. Designed specifically for external facades and parapets., these architectural solutions redefine the boundaries of design possibilities. Each slab is meticulously engineered to play with dimensions, texture, and light, creating a mesmerizing visual experience that transcends conventional expectations.

Immerse yourself in the sheer beauty and sophistication of Vetrite Sight. With its delicate yet robust construction, this remarkable creation effortlessly combines form and function to enhance any space. Whether it's a commercial establishment, a modern residence, or a public facility. Vetrite Sight's versatility ensures it seamlessly integrates into any architectural vision.

Experience the transformative power of Sicis Vetrite Sight, where artistry meets functionality. Elevate your surroundings with this innovative masterpiece, and let its enchanting allure captivate both senses and those of your esteemed guests.