Glass Panels

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  • Electric Turchese Glass Panels

    Electric Turchese

    Electric Turchese glass panels have a vibrant blue-green hue, akin to the turquoise gemstone, with a translucent appearance for light and privacy.

  • Elephant Charcoal Glass Panels

    Elephant Charcoal

    Elephant Charcoal glass panels have a rich, dark hue resembling elephant skin, adding character and sophistication to any space.

  • Elephant Panna Glass Panels

    Elephant Panna

    Elephant Panna glass panels blend icy blue hues and elephant skin textures, creating art that wows any space with its unique visual appeal.

  • Emerald Glass Panels


    Emerald glass panels resemble emerald's vivid green hue, offering striking, opulent looks for architectural and interior design applications.

  • Eris Grey Glass Panels

    Eris Grey

    Eris Grey glass panels have swirls of grey tones for contrast and depth, offering a simple, modern style ideal for elegant designs.

  • Galaxy Glass Panels


    Galaxy glass panels resemble the Milky Way with crystalline white and grey textures creating star-like patterns amidst varied blue tones.

  • Grain Glass Panels


    Grain glass panels resemble a beautiful rocky mountain scape, blending green, white, cream, grey, and black hues for a natural rock formation feel.

  • HANOI 01 Glass Panels

    Hanoi 01

    Hanoi 01 glass panels have a metallic abstract pattern, merging grey, pink, purple, and white hues, resembling a kaleidoscope view.

  • Hanoi 02 Glass Panels

    Hanoi 02

    Hanoi 02 glass panels feature grey and blue hues in an original pattern, creating stunning and visually intriguing designs for spaces.

  • Hanoi 02 B&W Glass Panels

    Hanoi 02 B&W

    Hanoi 02 B&W glass panels feature modern greys and blacks, crafting a unique palette with an extraordinary design for a touch of modern rarity.

  • Nebula Glass Panels


    Nebula glass panels have a vast cloud of space dust illuminated by stars, creating stunning ethereal visuals using specialized techniques.

  • Peltro Mud Glass Panels

    Peltro Mud

    Peltro Mud glass panels have a blend of green, blue, and grey-like watercolors, adding sophisticated contrast and dimension to any space.

  • Pergamino Gold Glass Panels

    Pergamino Gold

    Pergamino Gold glass panels have a brushed gold texture with bronze strokes and light highlights, adding modern yet exotic style.

  • Pergamino Grey Glass Panels

    Pergamino Grey

    Pergamino Grey glass panels have a blueish-grey brushed texture with dark color lightly brushed and light highlights, offering a modern exotic style.

  • Petroleum Glass Panels


    Petroleum glass panels have rich colors of petroleum, found deep beneath the Earth's surface with dark blues, greens, purples, and hints of gold or silver.

Glass Panels

About Glass Panels

Glass panels for walls and floor coverings are a stunning work of art reminiscent of precious stones. These panels possess the ability to elevate any design, infusing it with a captivating allure and a touch of sophistication. Crafted with utmost precision and care, these panels are a true testament to the beauty of glasswork.

Whether you seek to enhance the interior or exterior of your space, our glass panels are a versatile choice. Their ability to seamlessly blend with any environment makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. From luxurious indoor settings to enchanting outdoor landscapes, these panels effortlessly add a touch of elegance to any space they adorn.

What sets our glass panels apart is not only their aesthetic appeal but also their affordability. Unlike their precious stone counterparts, these panels offer a reasonable price without compromising on quality or visual impact. This makes them an accessible choice for those seeking to elevate their designs without breaking the bank.

Choose our glass panels for walls and floor coverings to bring a touch of artistry and sophistication to your surroundings. Let their mesmerizing beauty captivate your senses and transform your space into a haven of elegance. Elevate your design with the allure of precious stones, at a fraction of the cost, with our remarkable glass surfaces.