Glass Panels

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  • Agata Blue Glass Panels

    Agata Blue

    Agata Blue glass panels resemble blue gemstones, with ombre shades fading into white for bougie, high-quality tile with elegant designs mimicking precious stones.

  • Antique Glass Panels


    Antique Glass Panels has mix greys, whites, and turquoise in a brush stroke style for a rustic, modern design ideal for any area.

  • Antique Blue Glass Panels

    Antique Blue

    Antique Blue glass panels blend blue and black for a sleek, night sky-like contrast, offering a modern, eye-catching style.

  • Avory Glass Panels


    Avory glass surfaces are clear, sophisticated, and smooth, made from premium translucent materials to maximize light transmission and visibility.

  • Boheme Brown Glass Panels

    Boheme Brown

    Boheme Brown glass panels blend browns, beige, and bronze, creating a warm, earthy atmosphere with unique bronze spots for character.

  • Boheme Grey Glass Panels

    Boheme Grey

    Boheme Grey glass surfaces mix grey, cream, and white for a cool, neutral base, showcasing a modern, edgy style for contemporary spaces.

  • Calacatta Natural Glass Panels

    Calacatta Natural

    Calacatta Natural glass panels have clear or slightly tinted colors, highlighting glass material clarity and purity, often with smooth, polished surfaces.

  • Cliff Glass Panels


    Cliff glass surfaces resemble natural sliced gems, blending purple, gold, and white in a geometric style with crystal textures.

  • Corteza Brown Glass Panels

    Corteza Brown

    Corteza Brown glass panels blend beige, brown, and blue-grey tones in a rustic tree bark texture, adding natural charm to designs.

  • Corteza Glacial Glass Panels

    Corteza Glacial

    Corteza Glacial glass surfaces have a dark undertone with a crackly white texture, evoking the elegance of natural glaciers.

  • Corundum Glass Panels


    Corundum glass panels resemble a precious amethyst gem, with various purple hues and sharp crystal-like textures for a natural feel.

  • Deep Blue Glass Panels

    Deep Blue

    Deep Blue glass surfaces have a rich blue hue from specialized treatment, coated with a tinted film or infused with blue pigments.

  • Dusk Glass Panels


    Dusk glass surfaces have a mix of warm, earthy tones with subtle gradients, evoking the serene beauty of dusk, the transition between day and night.

  • Calacatta Gold Glass Panels

    Electric Marble Gold

    Electric Marble Gold glass surfaces feature warm, rich golden hues, adding luxury and sophistication to any space with varying intensity.

  • Electric Marble Silver Glass Panels

    Electric Marble Silver

    Electric Marble Silver glass surfaces have a sleek, modern look with a silver reflective surface, adding sophistication and contemporary style to spaces.

Glass Panels

About Glass Panels

Glass panels for walls and floor coverings are a stunning work of art reminiscent of precious stones. These panels possess the ability to elevate any design, infusing it with a captivating allure and a touch of sophistication. Crafted with utmost precision and care, these panels are a true testament to the beauty of glasswork.

Whether you seek to enhance the interior or exterior of your space, our glass panels are a versatile choice. Their ability to seamlessly blend with any environment makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. From luxurious indoor settings to enchanting outdoor landscapes, these panels effortlessly add a touch of elegance to any space they adorn.

What sets our glass panels apart is not only their aesthetic appeal but also their affordability. Unlike their precious stone counterparts, these panels offer a reasonable price without compromising on quality or visual impact. This makes them an accessible choice for those seeking to elevate their designs without breaking the bank.

Choose our glass panels for walls and floor coverings to bring a touch of artistry and sophistication to your surroundings. Let their mesmerizing beauty captivate your senses and transform your space into a haven of elegance. Elevate your design with the allure of precious stones, at a fraction of the cost, with our remarkable glass surfaces.