Discontinued Clearance

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  • Bel Air Beige Quartz Slab

    Bel Air Beige

    Bel Air Beige quartz slab has a calm beige backdrop with delicate tonal flecks and a white base decorated with warm and complex veining.

  • Cosmic Brown Quartz Slab

    Cosmic Brown

    Cosmic Brown quartz slab has a dark, earthy brown hue with slight variations and overtones. The rich and inviting color brings class to any room.

  • Mango Quartz Slab


    The Mango quartz slab features a vivid golden tint inspired by ripe mangoes. Its sleek surface brings warmth and charm to any room.

  • Mossy Gold Quartz Slab

    Mossy Gold

    Mossy Gold quartz slab has a dazzling white base color with light gray, beige, and gold veins. This quartz brings refinement to any room.

  • Mystic Gold Quartz Slab

    Mystic Gold

    Mystic Gold quartz slab has a surface that comes in beige, tan, and brown shades. The pattern is associated with the gold color.

  • Newport Quartz Slab


    Newport quartz slab has the essence of sandy beaches, offering a light and airy expression. It has shades of beige dominating the palette.

  • Palisades Quartz Slab


    Palisades quartz slab has varied colors of gray, ranging from light to dark, with occasional touches of beige or taupe integrated throughout.

  • Softer Beige Quartz Slab

    Softer Beige

    The Softer Beige quartz slab has warmth with delicate, inviting tones. It has a soft and creamy beige color that evokes feelings of calm.

About Discontinued Clearance

The main features of discontinued clearance tiles are that some slabs are no longer in production, and specified sizes, colors, or patterns may be limited to what is still available. The quartz slab countertop material manufacturer no longer produces or sells it.

The quartz slabs are often sold at a lower price than current or standard quartz slabs. This makes the Discontinued Clearance appealing to purchasers who are looking for a bargain. The manufacturer has discontinued this quartz slab model or style. This could be due to trend changes, product line improvements, or simply a preference for newer designs. Like other clearance items, discontinued quartz slabs may have minor flaws or inconsistencies. These may include subtle color variances, scratches, or other cosmetic concerns. These quartz slabs may still be a viable alternative for projects requiring a specific color or design, particularly if the issues are minor.

Using Discontinued Clearance can provide numerous benefits. This quartz slab can dramatically reduce the overall cost of your project, allowing you to create a high-end look. This quartz slab can give your project a unique and individualized appearance that distinguishes it from more typical options. If you have a limited space to cover, such as a bathroom vanity, or a custom project, Discontinued Clearance is an excellent option. These quartz slabs are ideal for various uses.

Discover our extensive variety of Discontinued Clearance tiles today and select the ideal match for your project. Consider this quartz slab, a traditional choice that combines style and sturdiness.

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