Damaged Clearance

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  • Concrete Grey Quartz Slab

    Concrete Grey

    Concrete Grey quartz slab has a sleek, minimalist appearance. It has a cool hue, medium to dark grey, with slight variances.

  • Diablo Quartz Slab


    Diablo quartz slab displays a bright and bold appearance. It has a dark and dramatic color scheme, with a black ground interlaced with veins.

  • Hazelnut Quartz Slab


    Hazelnut quartz slab features a warm and rich look. It has a medium to light brown base color reminiscent of hazelnuts or warm caramel tones.

  • Paloma White Quartz Slab

    Paloma White

    Paloma White quartz slab has a light and primarily white base color that is clean and crisp, mimicking the purity of white marble.

  • Star Wars Quartz Slab

    Star Wars

    Star Wars quartz slab features deep, space-inspired shades like midnight black. It has metallic flecks resembling the texture of starry skies.

  • Tuscany Cream Quartz Slab

    Tuscany Cream

    Tuscany Cream quartz slab has a creamy or soft beige tone, creating a warm backdrop that complements a wide range of home design styles.

  • Vanilla Cream Quartz Slab

    Vanilla Cream

    Vanilla Cream quartz slab has a creamy or soft beige tone, creating a warm backdrop that complements a wide range of home design styles.

About Damaged Clearance

A portion of quartz countertop material that contains flaws or problems that render it inappropriate for regular sale at full price is known as Damaged Clearance. Inconsistencies in the color or pattern of the quartz slab can occur, ranging from the typical to the intended appearance.

Purchasing a damaged clearance tile, despite its flaws, can provide various advantages to both interior designers and end users. The quartz slabs are often sold at a cheaper price than undamaged slabs. This can result in significant cost reductions for interior designers working within a budget or homeowners trying to cut renovation expenditures.

Imperfections such as scratches, chips, or subtle discolorations may be less evident in smaller applications. Designers can creatively incorporate quartz slabs into smaller designs. Choosing Damaged Clearance can contribute to sustainable design practices by reducing waste. Instead of discarding imperfect slabs, designers and users can repurpose them for various applications, thereby minimizing environmental impact.

Minor faults in Damaged Clearance can often be rectified or kept utilizing creative methods such as edge treatments or specific installation procedures. This quartz slab allows designers to tailor the slab to their individual project needs.

Designers and consumers can use broken quartz slabs for experimental or instructional purposes. Damaged Clearance tile is typically accessible for immediate purchase and use. This is ideal for activities with tight deadlines or that require quick response times.

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