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  • Bel Air Beige Quartz Slab

    Bel Air Beige

    Bel Air Beige quartz slab has a calm beige backdrop with delicate tonal flecks and a white base decorated with warm and complex veining.

  • Concrete Grey Quartz Slab

    Concrete Grey

    Concrete Grey quartz slab has a sleek, minimalist appearance. It has a cool hue, medium to dark grey, with slight variances.

  • Cosmic Brown Quartz Slab

    Cosmic Brown

    Cosmic Brown quartz slab has a dark, earthy brown hue with slight variations and overtones. The rich and inviting color brings class to any room.

  • Diablo Quartz Slab


    Diablo quartz slab displays a bright and bold appearance. It has a dark and dramatic color scheme, with a black ground interlaced with veins.

  • Hazelnut Quartz Slab


    Hazelnut quartz slab features a warm and rich look. It has a medium to light brown base color reminiscent of hazelnuts or warm caramel tones.

  • Mango Quartz Slab


    The Mango quartz slab features a vivid golden tint inspired by ripe mangoes. Its sleek surface brings warmth and charm to any room.

  • Mossy Gold Quartz Slab

    Mossy Gold

    Mossy Gold quartz slab has a dazzling white base color with light gray, beige, and gold veins. This quartz brings refinement to any room.

  • Mystic Gold Quartz Slab

    Mystic Gold

    Mystic Gold quartz slab has a surface that comes in beige, tan, and brown shades. The pattern is associated with the gold color.

  • Newport Quartz Slab


    Newport quartz slab has the essence of sandy beaches, offering a light and airy expression. It has shades of beige dominating the palette.

  • Palisades Quartz Slab


    Palisades quartz slab has varied colors of gray, ranging from light to dark, with occasional touches of beige or taupe integrated throughout.

  • Paloma White Quartz Slab

    Paloma White

    Paloma White quartz slab has a light and primarily white base color that is clean and crisp, mimicking the purity of white marble.

  • Softer Beige Quartz Slab

    Softer Beige

    The Softer Beige quartz slab has warmth with delicate, inviting tones. It has a soft and creamy beige color that evokes feelings of calm.

  • Star Wars Quartz Slab

    Star Wars

    Star Wars quartz slab features deep, space-inspired shades like midnight black. It has metallic flecks resembling the texture of starry skies.

  • Tuscany Cream Quartz Slab

    Tuscany Cream

    Tuscany Cream quartz slab has a creamy or soft beige tone, creating a warm backdrop that complements a wide range of home design styles.

  • Vanilla Cream Quartz Slab

    Vanilla Cream

    Vanilla Cream quartz slab has a creamy or soft beige tone, creating a warm backdrop that complements a wide range of home design styles.

About Clearance

The Clearance tile section offers discontinued and damaged colors. These quartz slabs are sold at a discounted price because of their minimal imperfections.

The quartz slab comes from a discontinued product line or design that the manufacturer no longer offers. Clearance may have minor flaws or blemishes that render them unsuitable for retail sale at full price. These flaws include scratches, chips, or color differences. Some colors or types of quartz countertops are no longer in demand, while other quartz slabs are display models or handled regularly in a showroom.

Buying from Clearance can result in significant discounts on quartz countertops, making it an affordable option for budget-conscious shoppers. These quartz slabs fit in a variety of residential and commercial applications, depending on their condition and the form of the defects. Smaller pieces of quartz slabs are good for smaller projects like bathroom vanity tops, kitchen islands, or utility room counters.

These quartz slabs are appropriate for utility areas such as laundry rooms, mudrooms, and workshop counters, where aesthetic perfection is less important. Clearance is also good for specialized applications to carefully reduce defects.

Rebuild your room with premium quartz slab countertops at affordable pricing. Our Clearance tile section also offers a variety of alternatives ideal for creating a beautiful kitchen space without breaking the bank. Enhance your daily routine with attractive, long-lasting countertops.

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